We were newlyweds living large. A Center City High Rise on the Square. Doorman. Garage. Roof deck. Went out to dinner a lot. Joined an expensive club. We were dinks. “Double income no kids”. For three years we had it all.

It was great fun, but not very smart. When you are young and in love everything is fun. So use this time to start building your financial house. Enjoy working together on your life plan. Live lean. Work hard. Build the foundation. Party with beer. Champagne later.

Live below your means. Don’t get the fancy new car. Don’t get the killer apartment. Don’t go out to dinner whenever you want. Educate yourself on basic financial planning. Sounds like Debby Downer come to call.

Here’s how to show Debby the door. Find a really great place to live that is quirky and cheap. Find a cool used car that is half the price of a new one but still fun to own. Find great local places to eat with the ambiance you like, and good food at good prices. Find the fun stuff to do that doesn’t cost much. Parks, Museums, good causes.

Live lean. Live smart. Begin amassing wealth. Put it to work.

Amass is a much better word than save.  So do it.  Put most of one person’s income in the vault. Invest some of it. Live off the other person’s income as much as possible. Realize that If you do this now, your financial future brightens considerably.

As the song says “Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future”

Recommended reading: “The Richest Man in Babylon” (144 pages. Just do it!)