For those of us whose retirement income could use a boost, there is a time to make up some ground. The “Empty Nest” phenomenon often opens up a span of years where the house is paid for, the kids education is paid for, and both spouses are still working.  This offers a time when a percentage of one persons income can be used to invest and grow for the immediate future.

A source of ongoing long term capital gain cash flow can be created over 5 years using the above strategy . As little as $36,000 can provide a nice boost to retirement income.

Once a 36 stock portfolio has been established stocks can be added using principal when profit is harvested through sale. This makes the cash flow ongoing and long term capital gain.

By holding profit in shares of stock and returning the principal to be invested again a portfolio can be self-sustaining, so long as the stock selection system remains consistent in picking more winners than losers.