What Is Blue Tide?

A Stock Market Investment System. Strictly by the numbers. Emphasizes sound fundamentals.

Strives to be safe. All stock sold if a loss of 10% is reached. This prevents catastrophic loss. It is the safety net. The stock market is a dangerous environment.

We select stocks poised for growth in the very near term. Also to hold for one year.

Our upside target is 20%.

When a stock goes over 20% and sells, it does not stop generating profit.

Profit is taken in shares of stock.

Because these shares are purchased with profit dollars they are in effect “Free”.

The “Free shares” are held in the subscriber’s portfolio where most continue to rise in value.

The system is Simple. 

The simplification is accomplished by basing selections on what we know, and removing everything we don't know or can’t confirm. 

We make no effort to predict outside forces which could vary. We are not predicting the price of oil for example, or exchange rates, or any number of other factors.

Our selection method concentrates on fundamentals. At least 8 quarters of profits.  Profits trending upwards.  At least eight quarters of sales growth.  Sales growth trending upwards. Other fundamentals.

Solid fundamentals indicate a strong position in the market place, a solid business model, a strong customer base. It shows a demonstrated ability to deliver the product to market and a solid management team.  All these things can accurately be imputed from the real data.