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Our System is your vehicle to investing success. We provide a proven portfolio management system with a disciplined profit strategy.

Blue Tide is an Investment System built with safety in mind.

We Provide a safe, simple, successful investment system, at an affordable price to subscribers at all levels of income and net worth. 

EASY to use:

As a subscriber you receive three stock picks per month chosen using the Blue Tide stock selection system. 


You pay a flat fee of $300 dollars a year for access to our website.

You will receive monthly updates of system performance, as well as Stan Ward's Blue Tide Blog. 


We strive to include stocks with lower price points, so modest amounts of money can be invested easily.  It is one of our core values that everybody can invest.

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This stock investment program can be used by all. That includes people with no investment experience. Each step along the way is prompted. The stocks to buy and when to buy them. The amount to invest is determined by simple division of existing funds. Profits may be removed at any time.

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