Letter From CEO

Dear Subscriber –

Thank you for your interest in our ongoing quest for a fundamentally sound and safe investment system. We designed the Blue Tide Basic System to benefit all investors, but especially those with a desire to participate in stock market profits but without prior investment experience.

This system is designed to make money. It is also designed to be as safe as possible. We call it a system because it follows sets of rules. The rules pertain to selecting the stocks, choosing the time to buy the stocks, automatically selling the stocks, and starting the process again by choosing new stocks.

The system is as simple as possible. We select stocks based on set parameters using solid accounting fundamentals. We make no attempt to predict future market or world events. We hold no stock that has dropped more than 10% in value from the price at which it is purchased. If that happens the stock is automatically sold. This prevents the catastrophic loss in most instances.   The system automatically sells any stock that has reached the profit target.   Both these transactions return money to the brokerage account for reinvestment. The system seeks to have the same money increased in value many times in a given year.

We invite you to seek the advice of an investment advisor or accountant and use this generic system as you would use an automobile. With the knowledge that it will help get you where you want to go, but is not totally risk-free. We feel that although risk has not been eliminated, it has been reduced to an acceptable level.

Welcome. We hope you enjoy your experience at BlueTideInvest.com.


Stan Ward

Founder and CEO