About Us


Blue Tide is a prudent investment system accessible for a low yearly fee. The Blue Tide investment philosophy emphasizes sound accounting fundamentals and strives to be safe.




Simplification is accomplished by basing selections on what we know, and removing from consideration any information we cannot confirm. 

We make no effort to predict outside forces. We are not predicting the price of oil, for example, or exchange rates, or any number of other factors.

Our selection method concentrates on solid accounting fundamentals. For example, at least 8 quarters of profitable operations.  Profits trending up.  At least eight quarters of sales growth.  Sales growth trending up.

For us, solid fundamentals and history of profitable operations indicate a strong position in the marketplace, a solid business model, and a strong customer base.  A demonstrated ability to create product, deliver that product to market, and an acceptance of that product at a profitable price point.  This all points to a solid management team.  These things can accurately be imputed from the historical data. 



Stan Ward has been an entrepreneur, business owner, and investor for over 35 years. He has been a problem solver since his first job at Strawbridge & Clothier department store, where he had major responsibilities in operations, merchandising, finance, and branch store management. He moved to Baltimore and became General Manager of Foreign Trade Zone #74 of the Port of Baltimore, and helped it grow from a tiny five-employee operation to one of the top two London Metals Exchange warehousing operations in the world. 

He created a company to export rolls of paper weighing several tons each to China.  The experience of creating a new business to address a perceived opportunity would define the second half of his career. SWC Distribution LLC was created to pack and deliver food products to two of 7-11 company’s major distribution centers.  This allowed TastyKake to market its products nationwide. Ward Lumber Reload was created to receive and ship lumber 5 days a week, on a just in time basis, to NVR/Ryan Homes main production facility in Thurmont, Maryland.  Ward Real Estate Services was created to pursue commercial real estate opportunities involving sales, leasing, and development. 

Stan served his local community through other business activities.  An inactive barge terminal became the shipping hub for a major recycling company; the flagship office building of a bank acquired by a larger competitor was purchased and fully utilized; a favorable lease on a warehouse in Baltimore allowed a warehousing company facing bankruptcy, to move to a new location, continue operations, and save the jobs of its workers. 

Stan remained throughout an avid stock trader and investor. His experience as a business builder, told him he could combine his interest in helping others with his knowledge of investments. Those two skill sets helped define both his investment system and the firm Blue Tide Investments. Stan and Blue Tide are focused on bringing a solid investment system and money management skills down the income scale to people of all levels of income and net worth.

Chip Ward is a graduate of Roanoke College where he majored in Business Administration and concentrated in marketing. Chip has worked in the beverage industry since graduation, for both large and small wine distribution companies. He started as a Sales Associate and moved on to Outside Corporate Sales with responsibility for generating new accounts, and maintaining existing relationships.   His coursework included the Student Managed Fund and Business Policy. He was in charge of the telecommunications sector of the fund which is completely in the control of the students with $750,000 available for allocation. The fund went on to outperform many other similar college programs, most notably that of Harvard University. Business Policy is the capstone course for a Business degree at Roanoke and is nationally recognized. Chip was also president of Sigma Chi fraternity, a member of the inter-fraternity council executive board, and Tau Chapter's most outstanding senior for 2013. Chip is currently focused on communicating Blue Tides message to potential subscriber groups.



Beth Anne Ward graduated from the University of Delaware with a major in Sociology. She moved on to get her masters in education at Loyola University and taught a number of grades from preschool to 8th grade. Ready for a change, but wanting to stay in the education field, she moved to Portland, Oregon to join an ed tech startup in the sales department. Within the first year, she helped the company achieve a growth of 350% which continues to climb. She has found that sales and education actually have quite a lot of skill sets in common as her primary objective is to walk customers through the system to highlight the ease of use and efficiency it can bring to classrooms and schools.  Much like walking students through a lesson, she takes prospects through a 45-minute software demo to understand how they can take this tool and help simplify their jobs. She looks forward to bringing this experience and success to Blue Tide.