About Us


Stan Ward has been an active stock trader for a little over forty years.  Many of his business activities involved one time payments of relatively large sums of money. Stan began to invest that money in the stock market and playing it safe was never appealing, so all was often invested on a single stock.  Winston Churchill said, "play the game for more than you can afford to lose, only then do you learn the game".  For Stan that is exactly how he learned.  "Put all your eggs in one basket, and then watch that basket", fit's his style as well.  Andrew Carnegie advised that.  Tired of the inevitable ups and downs of active stock trading Stan began to devise a system to maximize profits and minimize risk.  That system incorporated elements of the Department Store "open-to-buy" into the mix which led to what we have playfully named the Cash-Bustion Engine. A stock market buy/sell system anyone can easily follow.  The accuracy of the system design was analyzed and the accuracy verified by an Auditor.  The first use of the  "Blue Tide System" was when it chose the stocks for the Blue Tide Fundamental Index 5 years ago. The Index just concluded successful testing.  It proved that 9 carefully selected stocks can keep pace with the three major indices.  Next came SHIPS, Shared Investment Products.  Initially conceived as a way to bootstrap risky small businesses in questionable areas, SHIPS have evolved to target the creation of scholarship dollars for Colleges and Universities.  The Triple Zero Plus morning newsletter featuring Stan's stock market commentary is available free most weekday mornings.  The subscription version is $9.99 a month and includes stock selections.  

Before Blue Tide Stan was General Manager of Foreign Trade Zone #74 of the Port of Baltimore.  Helped introduce London Metals Exchange warehousing operations to Baltimore and the USA for the first time. Created Ward Lumber Reload, Inc. to receive and ship lumber 5 days a week on a just in time basis to NVR/Ryan Homes main production facility in Thurmont, Maryland.  Spent time doing consulting work for IKEA, and other smaller companies.

Chip Ward is a graduate of Roanoke College where he majored in Business Administration and concentrated in marketing. Chip has worked in the beverage industry since graduation, for both large and small wine distribution companies. He started as a Sales Associate and moved on to Outside Corporate Sales with responsibility for generating new accounts, and maintaining existing relationships.   His coursework included the Student Managed Fund and Business Policy. He was in charge of the telecommunications sector of the fund which is completely in the control of the students with $750,000 available for allocation. The fund went on to outperform many other similar college programs, most notably that of Harvard University. Business Policy is the capstone course for a Business degree at Roanoke and is nationally recognized. Chip was also president of Sigma Chi fraternity, a member of the inter-fraternity council executive board, and Tau Chapter's most outstanding senior for 2013. Chip is currently focused on communicating Blue Tides message to potential subscriber groups.



Beth Anne Ward graduated from the University of Delaware with a major in Sociology. She moved on to get her masters in education at Loyola University and taught a number of grades from preschool to 8th grade. Ready for a change, but wanting to stay in the education field, she moved to Portland, Oregon to join an ed tech startup in the sales department. Within the first year, she helped the company achieve a growth of 350% which continues to climb. She has found that sales and education actually have quite a lot of skill sets in common as her primary objective is to walk customers through the system to highlight the ease of use and efficiency it can bring to classrooms and schools.  Much like walking students through a lesson, she takes prospects through a 45-minute software demo to understand how they can take this tool and help simplify their jobs. She looks forward to bringing this experience and success to Blue Tide.